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Renaming a Project in Project Server 2007

Good Afternoon Folks, I was asked how to rename a Project in Project Server 2007 today, so I thought to add it to our blog. This is a very quick post, see the following MSFT link for renaming a project:  http://office.mi ...

Beyond Reporting Follow-up Question

Thank you all who sent feedback on our Beyond Reporting Webcast – we received many thanks and a follow-up question that we wanted to share with the rest of the community.  Hope this helps, enjoy! -Jacques   Question ...

Can you save a toolbar across the organization without custom code?

This is a common question with Project Server 2007 and the answer is yes but there is some manual effort that is needed.


To copy the toolbar from one project to another, or to make it available to all new or existing projects, you can use the Organizer.

  1. To copy a calendar from one project to another, open both projects.

    Note   If you want to copy a calendar to or from the global file, open only the project that you want to copy calendars to or from.

  2. On the Tools menu, click Organizer, and then click the Toolbars tab.

Microsoft Project 2007 and Microsoft Access reporting

Hi, I was asked recently if Project 2007 had a similar feature to Project 2003 to save data as an ODBC connection. Actually the Visual Reports feature does allow saving a database file that can be used in Access (see screenshot below). By structuring projects appropriately one certainly could produce program level reports using this feature.

Extending the Project Workspace Template

Extending the Project Workspace Template By default, Microsoft Office Project Professional 2007 creates a project workspace site on Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 when it publishes a project. The project workspace template that is used for site creation can be extended and customized to better suit the needs of your organization. This article explains what makes a valid project workspace template, how to create an extended template, and how to install a custom template

Web services does not support custom web templates error

Web services does not support custom web templates error If you are in a similar client environment as I am, you might have a Service Account that runs SharePoint, which has DBCreator and Security Admin rights in SQL Server, but being at a client site, your "mortal" user account login may only have Local Admin rights to the SharePoint Server for administration purposes. This has caused me headaches in the past.

Manually repairing file associations

You'll need to be able to view file extensions in Windows Explorer to follow the instructions below. If you don't see file extensions, do the steps in Improving the view in Windows Explorer then come on back here for the rest ...

Project Workspaces Issue: Project Server 2007

      Recently I encountered the following error when trying to remove the URL for a project workspace in PS07.  The situation was I took a backup of the four PS07 databases, restored them to a new instanc ...

Adjust the Default Project Web Access Permission Levels

At many of my clients, I encounter situations where the default Permission Levels created by Project Server for Project Web Access sites cause problems. Typically, everything is going along just fine when suddenly one day PWA has a different theme or the “My Tasks” or “My Timesheets” page is blank and/or throws an error. While on occasion the error is legitimate, usually it is due to an inexperienced user editing the Shared version of the page. If you haven’t encountered this issue yourself, at this point you may be wondering how this is possible… The simple answer is that for many organizations, the default Permission Levels grant too much power to non-Administrative users.

Perform these Steps If your Team Members can not see PWA tasks

Microsoft Office Project 2007 Professional provides the publishing functionality of the project and all the project information, resources, and assignments. If your resources are not seeing their tasks for your project – you (as the Project Manager) can confirm your project is correctly set up before requesting Administrator assistance.

The Resource Name is too long: 256 characters cannot be edited.

A Project Professional 2007 user recently encountered the error message “The resource list is too long. A resource list that contains more than 256 characters cannot be edited or deleted or used on the To line of a message. Use the Resource Information dialog box to edit long resource names”.