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Using Escalation rates and the affects of a Resources Rate changing Mid-month

Below are the steps to clearly demonstrate the affect of using escalation rates in Cost Rate Tables in Project Server 2007. STEP 1 The first step in this process is to setup two different rate tables. I used tables D and E so as not to interfere with any cost figures on other projects

Extract Project Web Access site data to a new content database

This article is a recommended workaround related to deploying software updates for Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 or Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007. You can extract Project Web Access (PWA) site data from a content database that also contains non-Project site data and then restore the Project Web Access site data to a new content database. You have the option of doing this when you are updating a Microsoft Office Project Server 2007 farm that contains many SharePoint sites that share the same content database as your Project Web Access site data.

Enabling ActiveX controls on the client in secure environments

Some of the features in Office Project Server 2007 use ActiveX controls on the client to provide functionality. In secured environments, these controls might not have been downloaded and the user might be prevented from downloading them because of security restrictions. You must download and enable these controls on the client for these features to work.

Configuring Client-Side Printing for Reporting Services

The Microsoft ActiveX control, RSPrintClient, provides client-side printing for reports viewed in a browser. The control displays a custom print dialog box that supports features common to other print dialog boxes, including print preview, page selections for specifying specific pages and ranges, page margins, and orientation. Although client-side printing is enabled by default, you can disable the feature to prevent it from being used.

Microsoft Project Professional 2010 and Microsoft Project Server 2010

Microsoft Project Professional 2010 and Microsoft Project Server 2010 are all available for download as part of the 2010 Public Beta availability (alongside SharePoint 2010 and Office 2010 applications): repost from christop ...

Timesheet Questions and Answers

Part A:  Can someone else other than the Timesheet Manager approve Timesheets? This can be done however would require some configuration of permissions.  As we all know, it is very easy to set up a single person as ...

SQL Server Reporting Services Configuration Tool

Problem Installing SQL Server Reporting Services is just the first step in building the foundation for a solid Reporting Services instance. The second step in the process is configuring Reporting Services to conform to the particulars of your environment. These configurations are made to the RSServer.config file via the Reporting Services Configuration Tool. This tool is quite similar in concept and practice to the Surface Area Configuration Tool that is utilized to configure the SQL Server Database Services instance post-install.

IIS 7 & Community Server, Tag problem

The day, I upgraded the Community Server 2007 to 2008 in IIS7 (Windows Server 2008), and encountered one problem. The tag cloud links became ooo+xxx when the tag include space character. Of course, the link was broken.

VPN – Using internet while connected

When creating a VPN connection, by default the Windows connection will not allow you to use the internet while connected to the VPN. To enable the use of the internet, simply uncheck the Use default gateway on remote network checkbox.

Configured Grouping Format for Project Server 2007

The goal is to have a Project Center view have colored bands for the groupings like the view shown below. In this case, our grouping is Organization. In order to do this, we must first create a Grouping Format specifying the desired colors.

Project Server 2010 Demo Image and Hosted Virtual Lab

Are you looking for Project Server 2010 Public Beta?  Check out the links below.   Microsoft is also allowing you to access Project Server 2010 on their Hosted Virtual Lab – check it out.  I believe it times yo ...

Project 2010 Ignite Slides

For those that are interested in downloading the slides from Project 2010 Ignite, Microsoft has them available for download at: ...

Project 2010 and SharePoint 2010 release to manufacturing (RTM) in April 2010

Exciting news this weekend a great way to complete our trip to Project Ignite 2010. Make sure you are 2010 ready with our Fast-Track to 2010 only from MS PROJECT NOW!   There was a key announcement this past weekend on ...

Project 2010 Ignite – Day 3

It was the last day of Project Ignite 2010.  It has been a great couple of days.  Christophe and Jan have been brilliant.  The size of the event was perfect for learning and asking questions.  The attendee ...

Project 2010 Ignite – Day 2

So it was Day 2 at Project Ignite and we were told this was a day not to miss.  I agree – it was a very productive day focusing on Demand Management, Portfolio Strategy, Timesheet and Statusing, and Reporting.   T ...

Project 2010 Ignite – Day 1

We are at Project 2010 Ignite this week and wanted to share a few notes and thoughts with you.  I found this very helpful special thanks to Christophe, Jan, and Tad. Enjoy. First here is a list of cool New Features cover ...

Configuration of Reporting Services in SP Integrated Mode

If you configure a report server to run in SharePoint integrated mode in a multi-server deployment that places a report server and a SharePoint technology instance on separate computers, you must install a local instance of a SharePoint Web front-end on the report server so that you can join it to a SharePoint farm. In a multi-server deployment, the report server uses the Web front-end to connect to the SharePoint databases.